Monday, March 23, 2020

Call to Action : Project Listing

With willing hearts and skillful hands, the difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a bit longer” -Ben Moreell, Rear Admiral, US Navy, (Founder of the Naval Construction Force)

  On March 18, 2020, Joel Kallman sent out a plea to the community Seek where you can help. Now.
Recognizing that we are data scientists, we specialize in collection and presentation of this data through our apps.  We also have a powerful arsenal of tools, with Oracle Application Express at it core, to do this work quickly.  In these times of CoVID-19 with quarantines, self-distancing and the like, we might have some bandwidth to help the cause. 

  If you are like me you have a number of family and friends that are working on the front lines of this pandemic to stem the flow of this virus, or you have people that are in a high risk group for the virus.

  I agree with Joel, and we should be looking for ways to get information to the front that is timely, and useful, most of all quick. 
  To this end I have started two apps one I think will help with the virus mitigation the other is for us, or really any developer looking to coordinate efforts.  This effort is important not just for now but for the next pandemic, hurricane, or any other event where emergency management becomes critical. 
  PVP is just a simple registry app that should give us an idea of the projects that are suggested or are in progress.  Find PVP HERE.  Add projects, give suggestions, or look for a team that needs resources.  It’s a fairly simplistic app but it should suffice for now.

  I have recorded my other App "EMMA" as both a functional and example record.

  read Joel's original post for background on the effort.
    Joel’s Oracle Profile:

Get to Work!” - Jason D. Aughenbaugh, Builder Second Class (BU2), US Navy (1993-2001)

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Relay Released... "and may the odds be ever in your favor"

  So that's it; the work is done, and everything is perfect.  Just kidding, its serviceable working and should be a good place to start.

  So if you were a fan of my previous post then you are anticipating this one.  Today I have finished an initial cleanup pass on the open-source code for Relay and have uploaded to github at the following location

  Now there is a lot here but some of what I allued to in the previous post is not.  Mainly documentation.  I am starting a basic install doc now and will post updates as I go.  For now, if you are brave enough to start digging into my madness here are a few points to consider.

  1. Relay is a PL/SQL and Oracle APEX system, Oracle XE is the minimum requirement.  It also works on the cloud services
  2. The bulk of development was done in Oracle XE 11g, but some was done on XE 18c.  Plan accordingly
  3. The initial repository is the direct reset and extract of working code on my cloud DB.  I had done a lot of in-line comments to document much of it.  Please excuse and vulgarity I may have missed removing,it a process afterall.
  4. What documentation there is in included in the repository
  5. Send any questions, comments, complaints, snide remarks, good jokes, bad jokes, and dad jokes to THIS EMAIL
  6. Finally, enjoy! 
BE ADVISED:  There is still work to be done so expect some issue along the way.

More to Come....


Friday, February 28, 2020

RELAY Workflow: Open-Source Announcement

  After much thought, I have decided that the best possible future for the Relay Workflow software that I have developed, is to release it open-source. 

  That being said, over the near term I am moving the code from my closed-source drives to my online repository and attempting to pair down any dead items.  Now, the code will be there but not a whole world of documentation.  I will be adding more of that as time permits.

  Additionally, it can be said that there is a lot of dead code in this set, since I have been the sole developer to this point I made a point of never truly abandoning an idea just being content to comment it out and make direct notes in the code for future reference.  So bear with me, nothing is exactly perfect but hopefully this will be a good place to start.

  Additionally, if you wish to see my original basic product page you can find it here: 

  In the future I will post some blog entries on Relay and its inner workings just because there is a bunch of fun things under the hood of this one.

  Feel free to reach out on Relay to 

Jason Aughenbaugh