Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How'd You Do That

  A while back my employer ( had an internal competition (a hackathon) and I gathered a two others to a team where we called ourselves The Good (Monty), The Bad (Me), and The Ugly (Adrian).  I personally though I was more appropriate to the final credit due to Adrian's unusually youthful appearance, but he won the gun fight for the role and we'll speak no more of my humiliation.

  During the event I proposed that we attempt to integrate a javascript library into APEX. It's been done before but this one was special.  Draw2D ( is a canvas-based library that brings a lot to the table including the visualization of process data into a visio-like charts that can be stored in, and retrieved from, the oracle database.

  Since that day we have shown it off to a few groups and now I am releasing this into the wilds of for those that have asked me when they could play with it a bit more than just looking.

  MapIt can be found here and anyone can play with it.  Though, I will need to clean out the tables on occasion.

   This is not merely and end result but a precursor to a personal project of mine to bring a more useful workflow engine to the Application Express community.  We'll have more on that project in the future.

Til then, Enjoy!

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